How often do we see girls behind the car’s steering to race out in the deserts? There you go – Meet Maira Malik Awan and Palvasha Sultan from Karachi
These girls have participated in Cholistan Jeep Rally and secured the third position amongst all the racers – that were men obviously.
The competition is well known amongst the racers’ community in Pakistan and Maira was the youngest navigator while Palvasha turned out to be the youngest female driver.
Together, they also wrote history, to be the first female duo to participate in this rally. The race included coverage of 163 kilometers where they covered the first 102 km until they got hit by the technical team of another duo. The rest of the 61 km were covered with a broken car, but these amazing girls still managed to make it to the finishing line and secure a position, considering it was their first-ever experience and they were simply refusing to give up.
In a male-dominated society and sport, I believe this duo deserves an applaud for pushing the bar straight. Surely a stereotype smashing journey and story indeed.
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