Westminster Chess Club

Westminster Chess Club has been created by Chess maestros of Westminster to encourage their peers to indulge in the strategic environment of the Chess board. The club hosts games at school as well as teaching seminars and events of such nature. Furthermore, it helps teach those who are interested but have not yet figured how to take their first step into the world of Chess!

Heads of Club 2023-2024

President: Affan Mahmood
Vice President: Muhammad Ashir
Executive Member: M. Waqar Khadim

Heads of Club 2022-2023

Head: Muhammad Naael Arman
Deputy Head: Muhammad Ali

Heads of Club 2021-2022

Head: Saif Ahmad Khan
Deputy Head: Muhammad Naael Arman

As a member of the Chess Club, I saw great potential in this society as it was very active and came along with a variety of activities all for different levels of experience. When we came up with the idea of the Club, there was a dire need to establish one as everyone was interested in the game but there was no proper platform to begin on. What made it amazing was the Head of the Club, Saif’s conviction to make the first year of the Chess Club a memorable and active one.
We had seminars, battles, meetings and even a discord server.
Thank you Westminster for such an amazing experience.”

– Abdur Rehman Irfan

“I really enjoyed my time with Westminster Chess club. It is a great place to learn about Chess if you’re a beginner. For people who already know how to play Chess, the Club is a wonderful platform to test your skills by competing with other members of the Club who are all Chess enthusiasts.”

– Thai Duc Tri