Westminster Gender Empowerment Society

Westminster Gender Empowerment Society focuses on targetting the stigmas surrounding both women and men in Pakistan such as the right to education, consent, wage gaps and distinctions which are put in place for both genders at birth. Students engage in debates and discussions to identify issues and propose solutions for nurturing and developing a society where women and men are able to lead equally fulfilling lives.The Gender Empowerment Society is a place for anyone interested in voicing their opinions and concerns about our society and culture.

Heads of Society 2023-2024

President: Aimen Fayyaz
Vice President: Armeen Ziad Khan
President: Imaad Mustafa Vice President: Syed Aayan Ali
Executive Member: Isra Ahmed Bashir

Heads of Society 2022-2023

Head (Girl): Arfaa Fatimah
Head (Boy): Muhammad Fahad Hasan Bashir
Deputy Heads: Aimen Fayyaz & Kenizeh Juliette Georgia Khan
Executive Member: Khadija Khan

Heads of Society 2021-2022

Head (Girl): Syeda Sukaina Zehra
Head (Boy): Shihab Myron Ignatius Ayyash
Deputy Head: Ibrahim Rehan

“In my last year at Westminster, we felt the need to promote conversations about core issues within our society and we focused on the divide between men and women. Once the Gender Empowerment Society was formed, we worked quickly to ensure we took immediate action to educate the students of Wesmtinster on this divide. The society partnered with an international NGO, ‘Girls for Girls’ which implemented workshops in the school helping to educate our female students on how to formulate arguments, conduct themselves during public speaking and it taught essential skills needed in the workplace. Alongside this, the society conducted an internal debate about the specific issues women in Pakistan face such as wage inequality and gender discrimination.”

– Zermineh Shahzad