Westminster Literary Society

Westminster Literary Society is a place where you get a glimpse of how the world of words runs. By bringing your creative work to the table, not only will you get a chance to brush up those writing skills but you will also learn how to improve further with the help of writers and workshops by renowned authors that are conducted to channel your inner Shakespeare. We welcome anyone who wishes to have a platform to present their creative ideas, and amazing story-telling abilities!

Heads of Society 2022-2023

Head: Aliyya Abid
Deputy Head: Aiyza Arsalan Ahmed
Executive Member: Shiza Tashfin

Heads of Society 2021-2022

Head: Maham Zahid
Deputy Head: Aleeza Nasir
Head of Yearbook: Hozan Fatima

“From movie nights and bake sales to reading and writing submissions for our literary magazine, my time as Head of the Literary Society was a blast. Getting to see the extent of creativity and passion of Westminster’s budding writers and editors was both a pleasure and a privilege. I loved getting the chance to know the Literary Society members, and hope that the club can continue to be a space for belonging, laughter, and oh-so-many wonderful words.”

Amal Surmawala


“As the Head of the Literary Society, I can say that being handed over this title came with a sense of responsibility but it was one that I enjoyed the most! Seeing the decrease in the activities that COVID had imposed, I grew even more motivated to hold sessions online. I held an online creative writing session with renowned British-pakistani author Osman Haneef and the response I got was overwhelming! To say I was ecstatic would be an understatement! Soon after, I held another online session of poetry writing with Seema Raza which was another hit! Therefore, I can vouch that being the head of the Literary Society gave me the first feel of what it is to be in a position to follow your passion.”

Maham Zahid