Westminster Music Society

Music is not only enjoyable for all age groups but can also lead to better brain development, increases in human connection, and stress relief. One of the oldest societies of Westminster, the Music Society provides a platform for young musicians to showcase their talents in the musical arena. Student members often get together for practice sessions and gigs. From guitar and violin to piano and drums, students of Westminster play a variety of musical instruments and get an opportunity to perform at school events. This exposure provides them the confidence to perform on stage and further refine their skills.

Heads of Society 2022-2023

Head: Sinaan Salman
Deputy Head: Zoya Zahid
Executive Member: Zain Akhtar

Heads of Society 2021-2022

Head: Dawar Khan
Co-Head: Sumeiya Abdirahman Mohamed
Deputy Head: Sinaan Salman

“Being a part of Westminster’s Music Society is one of the most memorable things about my high school years. Whether it was the jamming sessions with the school band, or the open mics held in the evenings, it all has stayed with me as priceless memories. Performing live in the school events gave me the confidence to stand on a stage, and the many talented musicians I met along the way, helped me connect to the larger music community of Islamabad. The auditions at the beginning of the year were always fun and gave a sense of competition that would help people interested in musical tournaments. I learned a great amount from my time in Westminster’s Music Society and would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to be part of a musical family and explore their talents further.”

– Nasir Saeed

“Being Co-Head of the Westminster Music Society gave me a new outlook on leadership and management – from holding auditions, to our rehearsals and performances at school events. All of these events helped me improve my time management and organization skills. The school management made sure everything was smooth sailing and cooperated whenever we pitched ideas for school events.

Seeing how tight-knit the society was, gave the members of the society and I the courage to partake in school events together. I loved managing and being a part of this club and it’ll forever be a core memory.

– Sumeiya Abdirahman

“Westminster Music Society was where the real magic happened. The perfect learning environment that helped me and everyone else grow and polish their skills. Practice band sessions were the best and performing live at events personally really helped me with my stage fright.”

– Ayla Adil