Westminster Movement & Locomotion Club

Westminster Movement & Locomotion Club is established on the belief that dance and movement is therapeutic in nature i.e. it is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Not only is dancing a great way to boost energy and concentration skills, but it can also help students develop artistic ideas and tackle problems as they get together as one group. All those students who are looking forward to being introduced to different forms of creative movement and dance and to relieve stress while working hard on their academics, this society is for you!

Heads of Society 2023-2024

President: Haider Ali Khan
Vice President: Syeda Fatima Bokhari
Executive Member: Lina Babar

Heads of Society 2022-2023

Head: Hanyya Adnan
Co-Head: Muhammad Hassan Irfan
Deputy Head: Haider Ali Khan

Heads of Society 2021-2022

Head: Pham Khanh Linh
Deputy Head: Reha Shahid