Westminster Welfare Society

The Westminster Welfare Society (WWS) is an association of student volunteers who are passionate social workers and humanitarians contributing towards the global good. Student members of WWS ‘think globally, but act locally’ by identifying, supporting, and working for social causes such as education for all, women empowerment, child protection, rights of minorities, transgender rights, poverty alleviation, and much more. Such initiatives inculcate a sense of responsibility among the students while they develop qualities of compassion and altruism. To develop a sense of self and community, students are encouraged to complete 50-60 hours of planned community service and fundraising activities.

Heads of Society 2022-2023

Head: Saad Ahmad Khan
Co-Head: Aleeza Nasir
Deputy Heads: Imaad Mustafa & Zehra Azhar
Executive Members: Roshaan Fatima & Aairah Hafeez Khan

Heads of Society 2021-2022

Head: Aleena Kamal
Deputy Heads: Hanyya Adnan & Zalaan Khan

My time in the Welfare Society was a precious experience. I spent two years volunteering at Pehli Kiran, teaching the students there English, math, and social studies, and I was astonished by their dedication and enthusiasm. My weekly trips to Pehli Kiran were so memorable that they inspired me to continue volunteering in different institutions (many related to education) after joining university.”

– Amal Surmawala


“Being a part of the welfare society, I had the opportunity to visit medical camps like Karwan-e-Falah which helped me find my true calling, which is to become a doctor and help people in need through their sickness. These experiences increased my zest to study medicine and strive to become the best version of myself. I am honoured to have volunteered in numerous bake sales and our annual Westminster Food Festival where the profits go to charity.”

– Sarah Khan

“My experience working as the President for the “Welfare Society” my senior year at Westminster was a wonderful experience. It was one that taught me leadership, teamwork and brought great sense of service.  Some of the activities we organized were a bake sale fundraiser, a winter donation, teaching underprivileged children at the Master Ayub park school and many mindful wellness sessions. Not only did this presidentionship allow me to help a lot of people, but my team members and I became a community at the school working towards positive change.”

– Anoushay Dawood

“I had a great experience with the Welfare Society. I was the Vice President and we were able to visit and help out with many projects including Karwan e Falah and Pehli Kiran. It gave me the opportunity to connect with many different people with a shared interest. The feeling of being able to give back in our humble way was very rewarding and I would encourage every student to be a part of the Welfare Society.”

– Daniya Raheel Khan