Westminster Robotics Society

Westminster Robotics Society hopes to cultivate a learning surrounding the use of physical hardware and development of modern day automated solutions.

The primary goal of the society is to provide its members with the opportunity to learn many aspects of robot design, construction, programming, and competition experience from mentors and experienced members.

Given the growing interest in the field of Robotics, this society is the perfect choice both for students who want to work in this field, and for creative minds alike, because it helps them develop innovative, progressive and logical thinking. Robotics has great potential to positively transform everyone’s life in the future, so it is very important that students acquire technological knowledge and skills needed for emerging professions.

Therefore, Westminster Robotics Society is a place for students who want to secure their future career in the world of technology in time.

Heads of Society 2022-2023

Head: Ayaan Haseeb Imran
Deputy Head: Muhammad Ahmad Nadeem
Executive Member: Azan Hassan Ali

Heads of Society 2021-2022

Head: Mustafa Arsalan Ahmed
Deputy Head: Sarib Absar