Westminster Peer Tutoring Club

Heads of Club 2022-2023

Head: Mustafa Arsalan Ahmed
Co-Head: Muhammad Abdullah Taj
Deputy Head: Hijab

Heads of Club 2021-2022

Head: Mashal Ashraf
Co-Head: Huma Zulfiqar
Deputy Head: Furat Bin Ikram

“The peer-tutoring initiative taken by Westminster was a wonderful experience for me. I had the opportunity to tutor my fellow students in Physics. Being a peer tutor not only helped me strengthen my own concepts of the subject but also made me realize the responsibility that a teacher feels to the subject and student. I understood how to tailor to the students’ requirements, move at a pace that the students can keep up with so that they could have an indepth understanding of the subject.”

– Fatima Nasir Abbasi

“Peer tutoring is all fun and games until you actually have the responsibility to teach someone. It may seem easy and to some extent it probably is, but for me it was something different. Even though what I did was no where near what teachers do on a daily basis, it made me understand just how hard it actually is to be a teacher. It’s strenuous work, and the people that put in the time and effort , deserve immense respect.”

– Maryam Moeen