Your Story Starts Here

We believe that every action, every choice you make, is a single entry in the grand story of your life. A collection of stories, our lives are a grand saga, with only you possessing the ability to give it the direction you desire.

Our counselling department was created with a vision to help our students create their own realities. With highly accomplished counsellors, resources dedicated to helping our students with their academics and careers, and a management that strives to see the students thrive, your success in academics and in your career after school, is our top-most priority.

Whether it’s applying to the right university, recognizing our students’ talents and unique abilities, or exposing them to situations that challenge them personally and professionally, with our counselling department;

your story starts here, and you’re the sole writer!


Our mission

The counselling department at Westminster Academy is much more than just career & academic counselling. For us, it’s about helping a child pave the way for their future. It’s about doing what needs to be done today, in order to achieve what we want tomorrow.

Our mission is to help our students thrive and is founded in having foresight and determination.

Committed to seeing our students excel in everything they do, we not only guide them with making the right academic choices, but also help them create an infrastructure for success in their studies and careers. Whether it’s applying to a dream university, or building a portfolio of activities and grades that reveal their true potential, the counselling department has always got you covered.

With a mission to help students realize their strengths and identify the areas which require further improvement, we work with our students in the following areas:

a. Guidance Counselling

b. Career Counselling

c. Subject Combinations

d. Portfolio Building

e. Internship Placements

f. Summer Programmes

g. University Applications

Counselling is the need of the present times when the student is exposed to too many career options and a flood of information. Students need a sense of direction and focus to channelize their energies productively. Timely guidance and counselling available to the students of Westminster is hence crucial to their success and satisfaction in their chosen careers.

Westminster has a fully functional and well-equipped Counselling Department at all A-Levels Campuses. Headed by the renowned Guidance Counsellor, Founder and Director of Westminster, Ms. Eyesha Raheel Khan, the counselling team at Westminster comprises of highly qualified and well-trained counsellors who work one-on-one with students to help them in the areas of academic achievement, career and social/emotional development, ensuring today’s students become productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.

From deciding on the subject combination in A-Levels to soliciting advice on making a strong extracurricular profile, students will have access to full-time Counsellors throughout the year. The Career Counselling Department at Westminster has opened a world of opportunities for students in terms of cultural exchange programmes, international conferences, Model United Nations, summer schools and in-house events and activities which eventually prepare them for admission in the highly selective, top universities of the world.

Some of the services provided by our Counselling Department include (but are not limited to):

  • Guidance in subject choices in the IGCSE, O and A Levels Programmes
  • Career tests for students who are clueless or confused about their career aspirations
  • Extracurricular profile building and developing your ‘niche’
  • International summer school placements
  • Cultural exchange programmes
  • Summer internships in corporate and social sectors
  • Developing interviewing skills and mock interviews
  • Sessions on resume writing and preparing professional resumes
  • International university placements in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Turkey, China and Europe
  • Placements in top Universities in Pakistan
  • Preparation for University Entrance Exams e.g. NET, MDCAT
  • Preparation for standardised testing e.g. SAT, ACT etc.
  • Career counselling sessions on university applications
  • Visa assistance for students traveling abroad for their higher education