The Secretariat


Maryum Salam

Maryum Salam is an Economics Freshman at LUMS and alumnus of the Westminster Academy and Westminster Debating Society. Between submitting Econ assignments five weeks late and conveniently ‘forgetting’ to register for her CIEs (twice!), it’s a wonder she was able to find time for debates in her A-level schedule.

All jokes aside, Maryum’s dedication to debates — both in her capacity as the President of WDS and as Secretary General of WMUN — can’t be overstated. Having been part of the debating circuit since the age of 12 and decorated with a wide array of accolades from conferences across the country — there is no better person for the job.

Her vision for WMUN this year is to foster a safe space for collaborative learning all while challenging the status quo and contributing to a cause greater than one’s self.
Secretary General
Maryum Salam


Fareesay Najeeb

Hello everyone, My name is Fareesay Najeeb and I am going to be your director general for the WMUN 2022, expectations seem to be roaring through the sky as this is the first MUN that Westminster has ever hosted, we are going to ensure to do whatever we can to make this event a palpable success inorder to host one of the best MUNs in the Islamabad debating circuit, the entire executive council are extremely competitive and experienced debaters. The EC of WMUN wants to ensure that every delegate has an amazing experience in which they can raise and tackle the issues of the modern day, reach conclusions and make friends. To ensure that the event is a trifecta of learning, socialising and having fun. We have the entire host team and the executive council ready to give you the best experience in debates and for the people not so shabby about debating, to give you the best socials as much as we can. I have made countless memories in MUNs and I hope that others do as well

Delegates, I hope to see you all at the MUN so we can make this a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Chief of Staff

Urwa Hayat

Assalamualikum everyone!

My name is Urwa Hayat and I will be serving as your Chief of Staff for the 1st edition of WMUN. As Westminster hosts its first MUN, the expectations are high and the level of excitement is even higher, and it is my absolute responsibility to ensure that WMUN lives up to these standards.

I have attended and had considerable success in both Islamabad and Lahore circuits but I won’t bore you with my credentials. Rest assured delegates that you are in safe hands (novice and veteran MUNners alike). The Executive Council’s vision for WMUN this year is to allow it to act as an avenue for speakers from multiple backgrounds to address prevailing societal issues coupled with exhilarating socials full of great music and delicious food. I, alongside my Executive Council and directorate, will make sure that the event is rooted in professionalism and an unparalleled standard that sets a benchmark for debates.

Now delegates it’s up to you to show off your sharp wits and unwavering drive, backed up by thorough research and logical arguments to stake claim on the shiny shields.

Good Luck

Under Secretary General

Eshal Asad

Hello and Assalamualaikum everyone,

My name is Eshal Asad and I’m honoured to serve as the Under Secretary General for the WMUN’22. Brief introduction about me, I’ve been part of the parliamentary circuit for two years and was among one of the teams that qualified to the octofinals last year at the U-17 Junior Nationals. However, along with that I’ve also attended quite a few MUNs, which I’ve learnt are a great opportunity for learning, socializing and just having a great deal of fun (esp raiding other committees during the entertainment sessions).

MUNs serve as an excellent opportunity for self-growth and they offer an incentive to enhance your knowledge about the current affairs. They have numerous short term as well as long term benefits. Short-term benefits include winning awards if you’re exceptionally good but in the long-run, MUNs help to develop your confidence and improve your speaking style. The best part about MUNs are that you’re not only being productive but are also enjoying yourselves simultaneously and thus we ensure that you’ll have the time of your lives at WMUN. We will try our best to put on a great show and trust me when I say this, it will be a worthwhile experience.

Hope you all are ready to scream your hearts out at the exhilarating concert we have planned. On a concluding note, gear up and come prepared so you impress your chairs with some of the best arguments they’ve heard. Good luck delegates!!

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.